There is no doubt that it is good for us to let the life be our guide and to be open to what the Universe offers us.


Dear friends,

it was a mere coincidence that we started with the production of bioenergy products and services which led us to meanigful discoveries. Due to the intensive work on the sustainable development, we have manufactured several products which have also been scientifically proven (e.g. energy panels, energy jewellery, spirals of energy according to the ancient symbols, the Tesla scalar wave generators , the electromagnetic radiation protection reels).

All of our handmade products follow the elaborate designs of the mystery crop circles and comply with the principles of sacred geometry.

Krogi v žitnih poljih_01( krog )   SEP-ROZICASpirala_OJACEVALEC_RESNICE

Sometimes the universe bestows upon us unexpected gifts , all the news as well as many a beautiful rewards when we least expect it. They are the key to the awakening of a new Era (the Aquarian Era).

Visit our website and take a look at our revolutionary products.
All the products of our production are available to buy online. We are happy to provide you the latest news, photos and all the information about our products.
It is our principal aim to make our bioenergy products and sevices accessible to everyone who is in search of health, strength, infinite joy and happiness in their lives.

We are grateful for every good thing that comes to us.

All is good.


Clay we get from God’s earth, and it radiates from God, so people look forward to.

Solar Bioenergetic Disc are made of God’s earth, and ask Mother Earth for vitality, and your life will be filled with light, joy, health and everything you need to fight life so that you can fulfill your life’s mission.

God’s earth causes healing incurable load, help in all matters of life, it works so that in itself again detected a heavenly feeling of happiness.

Brings us firmly believe that we have found the support that we need to be free of damage passes all life’s storms.